by: Stevie S. Stevens

The Far Rockaway Train Station in a crystal-clear photograph taken facing northeast on the sunny afternoon of September 15th, 1937. The station is a one-story affair. Although the photo shows only one track - the eastbound track - there were at least two working tracks at this time. Some of the buildings shown directly behind the station are still standing today. Notice the John Winkler 's & Sons Storage and Carpet Cleaning building in the background. Had you taken the Long Island Rail Road back some 72 years ago, this is the station you would have seen. We have Ron Ziel to thank for having taken this magnificent photograph. You will probably never again see this station in as vivid a reproduction. It is as close as you "can get" to actually being there!
A view from the Far Rockaway Train Station on the afternoon of September 15th, 1937. In this snapshot, we are facing southwest -- notice where the trolley car tracks turn eastward onto Mott Avenue. This Long Island Railroad train sitting on the west-side tracks at the station will soon deliver passengers to the western parts of the Rockaway peninsula. The coffee shop (partially hidden) on the east (or left side) of the photo is part of a small office/store front building which for over forty years stood on the railroad property at the northwest corner of Mott and Central Avenues. The two-story English-Tudor style building was torn down in the mid 1960s to increase traffic lanes - flowing from Central Avenue west onto Mott at the major intersection. The large five-story building shown at the southwest or right side of the print is the O 'Kane Building and it is still standing even today. Ron Ziel took this picture at approximately the same time he took the opposite-facing shot. Looking at this photograph of such excellent quality is as close as we will ever get to having actually been at the station some seventy-two years ago. Thanks to Ron for his excellent work!

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