As stated earlier, the school began in a very limited capacity in year 1893 - expanded to larger quarters in 1895 - and provided a basic business and academic education to a limited number of students. The actual "birth date" of the school is officially November 4th, 1897 - at 4:15 in the afternoon. This is the license issued to the new school by the New York State Board of Regents at that time:

University of the State of New York

Be it known that the academic department of Far Rockaway Union School having been registered after inspection as of high school grade, on unanimous request of the board of education is hereby authorized to use the name: Far Rockaway High School - and shall hereafter be so designated on the university roll. (Signed and dated - 4:15pm - 11/4/1897)

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Within only a matter of a few weeks, the school would receive its formal "permission" to issue high school diplomas -- December 7th of 1897.

University of the State of New York Grade Certificate

Whereas official inspection shows that the required provision has been made for buildings, furniture, library apparatus and other equipment and for proper maintenance, and that all other requirements of the University for schools of this grade have been met:

Therefore be it known that the University has this day registered the academic department of Far Rockaway Union School as a High School with all the powers, privilege and duties, and subject to all limitations and restrictions prescribed for such institutions by law or by University ordinances - In witness whereof the Regents grant this certificate No. 198 under seal of the University at the capital in Albany - December 7th, 1897 - (signed) Chancellor

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