Chapter One: I Move In

Chapter Two: Our New Neighbors
Chapter Three: My First Job
Chapter Four: Exploring My Surroundings
Chapter Five: The Three Beaches
Chapter Six: My First Television Set
Chapter Seven: My New Best Friend
Chapter Eight: The Toy I Just Had to Have
Chapter Nine: How to Eat for Fifty Cents a Day
Chapter Ten: Time to Redecorate!
Chapter Eleven: Baseball Cards & Soda Cans
Chapter Twelve: The Isolation Booth
Chapter Thirteen: Take the Bus and Leave the Driving to Russ
Chapter Fourteen: Just a Son of the Beach
Chapter Fifteen: My Father the Car Wrecker
Chapter Sixteen: Fire! A Rockaway Tradition
Chapter Seventeen: A Trip to Hell and Back
Chapter Eighteen: Trouble in Elementary School
Chapter Nineteen: Horseshoe Crabs and Dead Bodies
Chapter Twenty: Food, Fun, and Far Rockaway
Chapter Twenty One: Harassing The Ice Cream Man & The Pretty Pink Plymouth
Chapter Twenty Two: Abiding by the Rules of an Amusement Park
Chapter Twenty Three: "Let's Give Three Cheers for 198 Our School Will Never Be Great"
Chapter Twenty Four: I Flew With General Douglas MacArthur
Chapter Twenty Five: The Attack of the Bed Bugs
Chapter Twenty Six: Ali Bashie and the Two Thieves
Chapter Twenty Seven: Passport to a Higher Education
Chapter Twenty Eight: The Castle Get a Face Lift
Chapter Tweny Nine: The New Wing Get Ready To Fly
Chapter Thirty: The Seahorse Runs Aground
Chapter Thirty One: A Bit of Tarnish on the Old Tradition
Chapter Thirty Two: "When I Think Back On All The Crap I Learned In High School"
Chapter Thirty Three: Working My Way Down The Educational Ladder
Chapter Thirty Four: Playing House The Grown-Up Way
Chapter Thirty Five: Circumstance Without the Pomp
Chapter Thirty Six: Life is but a Dream
Acknowledgments: - Thanks for the Memories
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