"It gave us somewhere to go — It gave us something to do!" Only a small handful of shops, certainly of no major competition to the large Central Avenue stores. Yet it was convenient and the Seagirt Avenue Shopping District served an immediate purpose and satisfied many needs.

A Work In Progress: Perhaps one of the most substantial benefits of a "living" webpage such as this is its ability to provide for an elastic forum. Unlike a book where facts are presented and "locked in" or finalized between a front and back cover -- this medium by its very nature allows for, even promotes and encourages an on-going dialogue which tends to result in a constant expansion or perhaps even a revision of materials previously presented as historical certainties.

Several months ago this website published what many considered to be a valuable historical monograph or special treatise regarding a small shopping center adjacent and convenient to a large apartment complex which had been erected in the early part of 1950. The report was extensive in scope and was complete with personal reflections of several individuals who still maintain fond remembrances of the area from the time of their own youth.

Recently, yet another image of this very place resurfaced after being "buried" for some 85 years. This website is proud to now include this rare and unique image into the article prepared and published last year. Once again, your webmaster has prevailed upon author Stevie S. Stevens to review this additional photograph and to provide further commentary to enhance his original entry. Reference and connection link to the initial article are included at the end of this most recent addition. It is hoped that you will enjoy this entire project as it currently exists. It can only be anticipated that from somewhere and during sometime very soon, perhaps even more valuable pictures will be uncovered. For we never really know what tomorrow will bring; and we are constantly learning about and reliving our community's fabulous past.

Marty Nislick, Webmaster

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